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Commitments for Peace

A successful response to new challenges requires the application of a wide range of foreign, security, defence, and development policy instruments in order to identify, prevent, and resolve conflicts at an early stage. With its broad spectrum of capabilities, the Bundeswehr has been making significant contributions towards the achievement of this goal.

  • Ein afghanischer Mann schlägt mit einer Axt auf einen Stein

    Keyword: Networked Security

    The Federal Government’s overall concept of “Civilian Crisis Prevention, Conflict Resolution and Post-Conflict Peace Building” is an element of this national security rationale. It comprises the areas of economic, environmental, financial, educational and social policy, among others, besides the classic fields of foreign, security, defence and development policy.

  • Das Eiserne Kreuz mit dem Schriftzug Bundeswehr im Einsatz vor einer Weltkarte

    Committed to international solidarity: the Bundeswehr on operations

    Shoulder to shoulder with their fellow soldiers from many nations, Bundeswehr servicemen and women are serving on missions from the Balkans to Afghanistan. An overview:



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