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Customer Product Management

Berlin, 25.08.2004.
Berlin, 28 May 2004 - State Secretary Peter Eickenboom on 24 May issued new Procedural Provisions for Identifying and Meeting Bundeswehr Needs.

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The Bundeswehr has made further progress in achieving the goal of accomplishing its mission in the best possible way with optimal economic efficiency.

The "Customer, Product, Management" system implemented in 2001 has been revised as a result of lessons learned. The revision aimed to clarify misconceptions, resolve contradictions and reformulate individual stipulations.

The application of economically sensible procedures in the Bundeswehr remains to be the core of "Customer, Product, Management". Its goal is to provide products and services to the Armed Forces more efficiently and timely. The legal framework for the application of the new system remains unchanged.

This is to ensure legal security and continuity for the cooperation of the Bundeswehr with trade and industry, and with partner nations.

The task spectrum of the Bundeswehr has changed due to the new security environment. As a result of this, the armed forces need new capabilities that must be identified across the entire Bundeswehr, that is, across all task and organizational areas. To close capability gaps, solution options must be examined in all planning categories (organization, personnel, armaments, operation, and infrastructure).With their high speed of innovation, trade and industry are trendsetters in the field of technology. The close cooperation between Bundeswehr and trade and industry is therefore indispensable for maintaining modern and efficient armed forces.The revised "Customer, Product, Management" system further improves procurement procedures in the context of a strategic partnership with trade and industry.

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