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Bundeswehr in Sudan and South Sudan: Support for peace-keeping

The two mandates provide for up to 50 soldiers to be deployed for each mission. (Source: Bundeswehr/Rott)

Berlin, 28.10.2015.
The Cabinet has decided to extend the Bundeswehr’s involvement in two UN missions in Sudan and South Sudan. The missions aim to bring peace, stability and security to the region. The government motion must still be approved by the German Bundestag.


The 2014 Annual Military Scientific Research Report

Military Scientific Research Annual Report 2014. (Source: Bundeswehr)

Berlin, 20.08.2015.
The 2014 Annual Military Scientific Research Report illustrates, through selected examples, the diverse and successful activities being conducted in all areas of defence Research.



  • Minister of Defence

    Ursula von der Leyen is the 17th Minister of Defence.

  • History of the Federal Ministry of Defence

    The so-called Amt Blank became the Federal Ministry of Defence on 7 June 1955. Shortly before this date, the Federal Republic of Germany had acceded to NATO. The Federal Ministry of Defence is thus one of the younger ministries of the Federal Government. It can nevertheless look back on a very eventful history.


  • Spokespersons

    Find your local point of contact: The spokespersons of the Ministry of Defence answer your questions.



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