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  • Leereintrag
  • Deutsche Soldaten unterrichten malische Soldaten

    Bundeswehr also to train troops in northern Mali in future

    In future the Bundeswehr is also to train Malian soldiers in Gao and Timbuktu. The mandate adopted by the Cabinet provides for a reduction in the numbers of German troops, which will now also be deployed in northern Mali. The German Bundestag must still approve the mission.

  • Schiffe auf hoher See

    Anti-piracy mission: Fewer soldiers around the Horn of Africa

    The Bundeswehr will continue to support the EU's Operation Atalanta and target pirates in Somalia's coastal waters. The success of the mission means that the number of troops can be reduced to 600. The German Bundestag must still approve the extension of the mission.

  • NATO ships in the Aegean See: Interview with Rear Admiral Klein

    The units of the NATO Standing Maritime Group 2 are patrolling in the assigned areas and conducting reconnaissance, monitoring and surveillance activities. The NATO Commander, Rear Admiral Jörg Klein, explains the tasks in an interview.



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