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Brochures and flyers

The Defence Policy Guidelines 2011

The Defence Policy Guidelines set the strategic framework for the mission …

PDF, Non-accessible (53.1 KB)

The Bendlerblock

The Bendlerblock is one of the most significant sites of recent German …

PDF, Non-accessible (4.5 MB)

The Reorientation of the Bundeswehr

Safeguarding National Interests – Assuming International Responsibility– …

PDF, Accessible (4.5 MB)

Military Scientific Research Annual Report 2014

The 2014 Annual Military Scientific Research Report illustrates, through …

PDF, Accessible (5.5 MB)

The Bundeswehr Memorial

In memory of those of the Bundeswehr who died for peace, right and freedom.

PDF, Accessible (4.3 MB)

The Großer Zapfenstreich

The Großer Zapfenstreich (Grand Tattoo) holds a special and prominent …

PDF, Accessible (1.7 MB)
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