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Security Policy Seminars

Seminar participants listening to a speaker

Seminars on security policy (Source: Bundeswehr/Hubbe)

Understanding more about security policy – that is the goal of the various security policy seminars that the Armed Forces Office conducts on behalf of the Federal Ministry of Defence. These seminars are aimed at leaders from trade and industry, academia, and politics, employees of associations, authorities, institutions and the media, teachers, political representatives, personnel from authorities for education, science and cultural affairs, the business community, and Bundeswehr reservists.

One outstanding seminar is the annual Manfred Wörner Seminar for German-American Understanding, which is aimed at young German and American leaders from the fields of academia, trade and industry, and politics.

  • To the left a US flag in the shape of a side view of a head, to the right a German flag in the shape of a side view of a head, in the background the bust of Manfred Wörner

    The Manfred Wörner Seminar

    Committed to dialog, the Manfred Wörner Seminar takes place every year in keeping with the tradition of the „Seminar for German-American Understanding“. It deals with topical issues concerning transatlantic relations.

  • Europäische Flaggen

    The Europe Seminar

    With the introduction of its Europe Seminar, the Federal Ministry of Defence has extended the breadth of its information events on security policy. The objective of this multi-day seminar is to help young leaders from Germany and abroad to appreciate the goals of security policy as pursued by the Federal Republic of Germany, Europe, and today's Bundeswehr.



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