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Superior of all soldiers and cabinet member

Picture gallery

In a bunker, a Ukrainian serviceman with a machine gun in front of him briefs Minister Lambrecht on the situation

Minister of Defence Lambrecht in Ukraine: When going to see Ukrainian battle positions she was briefed on the current situation

Christine Lambrecht is standing in front of a map next to other persons and a soldier

Administrative assistance: The minister has come to be informed about how they fight the fire in the forest of Sächsische Schweiz

Lambrecht next to another soldier in a forest who is pointing to something in the distance

On site, Lambrecht is being briefed on the situation in the region on fire in Sächsische Schweiz national park

The minister is walking past a row of soldiers

Arrival at Sarajevo: The Minister pledges further support to the Balkan states during the normalization process. Stability is a high strategic priority for Germany, says Christine Lambrecht.

Minister speaks to German Bundestag

Debate on defence budget in German Bundestag: Christine Lambrecht seeks approval of the special fund requested for Bundeswehr. With success: Parliament embeds an amount of 100 billion euros in the German Basic Law for material urgently needed.

The minister is talking to the crew of a submarine squadron

Close contact: The Federal Minister of Defence regularly informs herself on site. Here, she is visiting the first submarine squadron in Eckernförde.

Federal Minister of Defence is talking to soldiers

Visit to soldiers deployed abroad: Christine Lambrecht pays visit to German Blue Helmets deployed in Mali. She confirms that they have done an excellent job. The UN mission MINUSMAMultidimensionnelle Intégrée des Nations Unies pour la Stabilisation au Mali is an anchor of stability in the region.

The Minister of Defence is talking to a Ukrainian woman at Berlin airport Tegel

The minister at the centre of arrival located at the former Berlin airport Tegel for refugees coming from Ukraine. 80 servicewomen and servicemen have been helping there. ''You can feel their empathy'', Lambrecht has praised the soldiers' commitment.

Minister Lambrecht is walking through the Arlington Memorial with a U. S. soldier by her side

During her visit to the United States, Defence Minister Christine Lambrecht is given a guided tour through Arlington National Cemetery by Major General Allen Pepin, Commanding General, United States Army Special Operations Aviation Command.

Minister Lambrecht sitting next to servicemen in the cargo compartment of an A400M is reading a document

Exchange on the security situation after the invasion into Ukraine: Lambrecht on her way to Romania to NATO’s Enhanced Air Policing South mission

Minister Lambrecht is sitting on the podium holding a microfone in her hand and talking to a man

Federal Minister of Defence Christine Lambrecht, among other things, attended a debate on EU foreign and security policy during the Munich Security Conference 2022

Minister Lambrecht and two servicemen are standing in the hatches of the armoured Boxer transport vehicle in motion

First official visit to the German army: the Federal Minister of Defence was able to get an idea of the armoured Boxer transport vehicle during a ride on the military training area in Munster

Federal Minister of Defence Christine Lambrecht is sitting in a Eurofighter flight simulator

During her official visit to the 73 Tactical Air Wing (Taktisches Luftwaffengeschwader 73), a serviceman is briefing the Federal Minister of Defence on the Eurofighter flight simulator

Minister Lambrecht stands with a smile between soldiers and media representatives

First trip abroad to Lithuania: the Federal Minister of Defence informed herself about the capabilities and multinational cooperation during a field visit to the military base of Rukla

Minister Lambrecht sitting between servicemen is talking to them

Lambrecht took the opportunity to start up a conversation with servicewomen and servicemen of the German troop contingent in order to capture the spirit among the troops

Minister Lambrecht standing next to a servicewoman listens to a serviceman talking. Behind them, there is a tanker truck

Christine Lambrecht, Federal Minister of Defence, visits the Logistics Battalion 172 in Beelitz in Brandenburg during her first visit to the troops in her term of office

Minister Lambrecht and Chief of Defence Eberhard Zorn walking the line of soldiers

Christine Lambrecht was received with military honours for her inauguration on the parade ground at the Bendlerblock, seat of the Ministry of Defence, on November 8

Minister Lambrecht and Chief of Defence Eberhard Zorn standing next to each other while soldiers are passing by

She walked the guard of honour of the guard battalion accompanied by Chief of Defence Eberhard Zorn. ,,I bear an enormous responsibility for now having the command of the armed forces'', Lambrecht later said.

German Minister of Defence Christine Lambrecht holding her certificate of appointment

Before, she had received her certificate of appointment by German President Steinmeier at his office, Schloss Bellevue, and been sworn in at the Bundestag, the German Parliament

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