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Brochures and flyers provide a concise, easy-to-read insight into German defence policy.

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The Reorientation of the Bundeswehr

Safeguarding National Interests – Assuming International Responsibility– Shaping Security Together

The Defence Policy Guidelines 2011

The Defence Policy Guidelines set the strategic framework for the mission and the tasks of the Bundeswehr as an element of the whole-of-government approach to security. They describe the security objectives and security interests of the Federal Republic of Germany.

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Stationing of the Bundeswehr in Germany, October 2011

Based on the Defence Policy Guidelines issued on 27 May this year, key decisions on the capabilities, strength and organisation of the Bundeswehr have since been taken to ensure the operational readiness of the future Bundeswehr and its ability to meet Alliance commitments. A programme accompanying the reforms was developed, including a new reservist concept. Following the suspension of compulsory military service in July and hence the transition to an all-volunteer force, the decision on stationing now marks the final conceptual stage of the reorientation of the Bundeswehr.

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The Bundeswehr on Operations

Publication to Mark the 15th Anniversary of the First Parliamentary Mandate for Armed Bundeswehr Missions Abroad.

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The Bendlerblock

The Bendlerblock is one of the most significant sites of recent German history in Berlin. It is the official second seat of the Federal Ministry of Defence.

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The Großer Zapfenstreich

The Großer Zapfenstreich (Grand Tattoo) holds a special and prominent position in the manifold field of German military music.

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The Bundeswehr Memorial

In memory of those of the Bundeswehr who died for peace, right and freedom.



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